True Colors

Wow. Just wow.

I am sad, horrified, embarrassed, and really pisssed off after having watched Trump’s press conference today. He is no longer just a horrible, ineffectual president and an international embarrassment – he has shown himself, once again, to be a disgusting human being.

To those of you who support Trump, please take a moment to watch the press conference, and ask yourself if you really want to support a guy who equates Nazis and white nationalists to those people who stand up to them and fight against them. Are they equally bad? Using his argument: there were very fine people who were Nazis in Germany in the 1930’s & 40’s, and the American soldiers who invaded Germany were just as violent and as much to blame for the fighting.

To those of you who voted for Trump, but can no longer support him, I ask you to please do something about it. Voice your disdain for him. Do not sit by quietly and let him and his blind cronies think that you still support him.

To those of you who are wavering, and hoping that he can eventually do something that you like, whether it be tax cuts or health care reform, please remember this: if you support him, you own him. You can’t just own his stance on tax cuts. You own his stance on race relations. You own his immature behavior. You own his off-the-rails twitter rants. And, it’s OK for you to say “Enough is enough”.

And to those Trump supporters who still like him, and who personally reached out to me, who attacked me for standing up against him, who criticized my beliefs, and who implored me to give him a chance, I have but one message for you: Screw You. He has shown his true colors, and if you still support him, so have you.

Now, despite that last comment, I am really a peaceful person. But there is no place in my world for Nazis. There is no place in my world for people chanting “Death to Jews”. There is no place in my world for people who fight to keep Confederate flags and monuments in place that honor soldiers who were anti-American and who fought to keep slavery. And there is no place in my world for a president who will not stand up to this madness.

My son asked me if I would stand up and fight against a Nazi. My answer is an emphatic YES!

And you?

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