In case we haven’t said it in a while . . .


That is the number of votes Hillary Clinton beat Trump by in the 2016 election.

Hillary received 2.868 MILLION more votes than Trump.

A few fun facts for you:

  • If you put all of those people into one place, it would be the third largest city in America.
  • This is more people than live in 15 of the US States.
  • This is more people than lived in the entire USA in 1776.
  • This is more people than the total population of 91 different countries.
  • You would need more than 97 Rose Bowls to hold this many people.
  • At two people per room, you would need 5,454 Trump Hotels in Washington DC to house everyone.
  • This is more votes than Abraham Lincoln, and all previous Presidents, received in their elections.

There is no number in the world that upsets Trump more than 2,868,691.

I think I need to print this on t-shirts . . .

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