Afganistan – My Way

So, after years and years of complaining about the cost of foreign wars, Trump has now done a complete 180 and supports a troop surge in Afghanistan. His alt-right friends must be rolling in their hooded robes!

What did we learn from Trump’s speech on the war in Afghanistan?

  • This is hard. This is really hard. Very difficult decisions. (Why did he run on a platform of being able to make everything seem so simple?)
  • We are going to keep the course. But we won’t tell anyone what we’re doing. OK. Keep your mouths shut. Don’t tell the bad guys our plans. We are sooooo smart.
  • Trump proves, once again, that he can read from a teleprompter. Remember all those times that he ripped politicians for reading from teleprompters?
  • “Our troops will fight to win.” This is an unbelievable statement. So, for the past 15 years, our troops have just been fighting? Before today they didn’t want to win?

Being President is not easy. Why did Trump think it would be easy? If a decision must be made by the President, it is usually not an easy one. The easy decisions and easy fixes have already been done. Trump just proves, once again, that he is unfit for the position, and is in WAY over his head.

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