Trump Tantrum

Last night, we witnessed a temper tantrum by the President. This was not a campaign rally. This was not a serious discussion of policy. This was most certainly not a town hall question and answer session. This was a simple tantrum thrown by an insecure little man who so desperately wants people to like him.

The lower than expected turnout must be absolutely destroying Trump’s delicate psyche. And, the overwhelming number of anti-Trump protesters in the streets surrounding the event more than out-numbered the attendees.

When was the last time a sitting Mayor of a major American city asked the President of the United States to not visit? Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton implored Trump to not visit Phoenix for this staged rally, and he knew that civil unrest would happen. But Trump so needed his ego stroked. He needs to be surrounded by people who like him. And he simply can not accept the fact that he was even more surrounded by people who hate him and his policies.

What we saw on Tuesday night was the mad rantings of a disturbed man.

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