Pardon Me?

Well, the Law and Order President has once again spit in the eye of the American judicial system.

Late on a Friday night, as a massive hurricane is bearing down on south Texas, Trump released a statement saying that he has pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It seems that Mr. Trump feels that the US government has so unfairly accused and found guilty Mr. Arpaio, that he must step in and fix this travesty. Never mind that Mr. Arpaio broke the law. Never mind that Mr. Arpaio ignored the rulings of a judge. And, never mind that Mr. Arpaio was not even sentenced yet for his crime.

Trump used his first presidential pardon for one of his more ardent and earliest supporters.

So much for draining the swamp.

Also, make no mistake about this. This was also a very loud and very clear message to everyone who is investigating his friends, family and colleagues for criminal activities. Trump is not afraid to use his presidential pardon powers, and all those under investigation must be breathing a little easier knowing that he is not afraid to use it. Just know that he will do his best to sneak the news in, under the cover of darkness and hidden behind the devastating news of a massive natural disaster.

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