It has been a long, painful, and embarrassing 5+ months since we last communicated on this Blog. The sheer onslaught […]

Well . . . We’re Back.

The Trump Administration has just released news that they would like to increase defense spending by $54 billion  – an […]

Defense Spending Increase

Today, Trump sent out the following tweet:   Wow. What a baby. He truly can’t take a joke. And, he […]

Can’t Take a Joke!

Remember back. Way back. To February 2016. Remember when Trump dissed CPAC and refused to attend and refused to give […]

He’s YOURS Now!

This is one of the better videos made about Trans people and their struggle just to use a public bathroom. […]

Beware of Bathrooms!

You gotta love the Brits. They had several petitions concerning Trump’s future visit to Britain. This one in particular received […]

Idiot Non Grata

Trump loves visiting Mar-a-Lago, his tacky resort in Palm Beach Florida. He is also quite fond of referring to it […]

White House

So, Trump believes that CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and the NY Times are the enemy of the American People? Someone, […]

Know Your Enemy

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse . . . Stephen Miller lost his shit during a live interview […]

Weak-End in Review

Trump is so insecure. What a sad, little man. He needs his ego stroked on a regular basis. Today, he […]

Pray for Sweden

Trump claims to really like his straight-talking Generals. He must love this one! General Raymond Thomas, head of the US […]

He’s got Guts

Have you heard the latest menu offering at Mar-a-Lago? Along with prime Trump steaks, you can also get a side […]

Foreign Policy on the Menu

At yesterday’s joint press conference with Israeli PM Netanyahu, Trump said: “So I’m looking at two-state and one-state, and I […]

1 State, 2 State, 3 State, 4

You know, there are several movies that truly scare me. To my core. The Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs, and […]

Horror Show

Actual quotes from Trump today: “To be honest, I inherited a mess.” “It’s a mess. At home and abroad, a […]

A True Mess

One of the first pieces of legislation to reach Trump’s desk was HJ Resolution 41. Pretty simple, really. One of […]

Hush Money

Down Goes Flynn! Down Goes Flynn! Well, that didn’t take long. Trump already lost his National Security Advisor, who lasted […]

Down Goes Flynn

Now departing from Gate 6 – The Voter Fraud Express. All Aboard! Good old Stephen Miller. He’s always good for […]

The Voter Fraud Express

Stephen Miller is angry. Don’t question him. Never question the president. According to Mr. Miller: “The end result of this, […]

Mr. Miller is Angry

  Oh boy. So much happened this week, that it’s hard to encapsulate into one short Weak-End in Review. Some […]

Weak-end in Review

  Hey Everyone, why don’t we elect as President a businessman who knows nothing about politics, government, foreign affairs, the […]

Amateur Hour

  We all worry about Fake News. But, we worry more about a Fake President. #fakepresident


Live! From the White House! Welcome to the KAC Shopping Network. Providing only the finest of Trump-related products. Want to […]

KAC Shopping Network

Republicans across the country seem hell-bent on passing legislation to control women’s reproductive rights, from limiting access to birth control, […]

Stop Grandma Abuse!

Mr. Trump is putting on a Clinic on how to undermine Democracy. Make no mistake, this is a concerted effort […]

How to Undermine Democracy

Hey Kids! What did we learn this week? – As a country, we must honor the memory of all those […]

Weak-End in Review

Mr. Name-Caller-In-Chief is at it again. Trump is attempting to undermine those people who disagree with him. Case in point, […]

What’s in a Title? ver. 2