Progressive Commandments

A few years ago, Senator Elizabeth Warren compiled a list of 11 (why 11?) Progressive Commandments. With apologies to Senator Warren, we have put together our own list of commandments that we feel can be embraced by all Progressives, and for that matter, all Americans.

Here we go:

  1. Don’t be a dick.

  2. Facts matter. Don’t lie. You’ll get caught. It’s not worth it.

  3. Your opinion matters. But don’t ever confuse your opinions with facts. (see #2)

  4. As strongly as you feel about an issue, remember that people who disagree with you are just as committed to their opinions. Don’t be so surprised when you find disagreement.

  5. Be polite. Be coercive. Be smart. But don’t be a pussy. Be strong!

  6. Surround yourself with people of different cultures and different ideologies. If you surround yourself with people just like you . . . Oh, what a boring world in which you live.

  7. Own your morals. Embrace and live them. But do not force them on anyone else.

  8. It’s OK to believe in your religion. But if your religion tells you that you’re better than anyone else, or instructs you to hate anyone, you’re doing it wrong. (see #7)

  9. Remember, America is the greatest country on earth. But don’t take anyone’s word for it. Go out, travel the world, and decide for yourself.

  10. Patriotism is great. Love your country, and commit to make it a better place. But if you think you are ‘better’ or ‘more’ American than others, please re-read Commandment #1.